Who is Calgary Career Counselling?

Established in 2009, Calgary Career Counselling (CCC) is a firm of ten Psychologists as well as career coaches, all specializing in career planning.  Together, we have over 125 years of career counselling experience. We also have an Education Advisor and Job Search Strategist to help you determine the best educational options and maximize success in your career path.

Who can benefit from career counselling?

Career counselling is beneficial for a wide range of ages and situations. Calgary Career Counselling has worked successfully with 100’s of people aged 16-70. The following represent the groups we most frequently work with:

  • High school students choosing their career path (aged 16-18)
  • Post-secondary students who are confused about their career direction
  • Adults of all ages thinking of making a career change / transition
  • Stay-at-home parents wanting to return to the workforce

What can career counselling do?

Career counselling with a Registered Psychologist is an excellent way to explore your strengths and talents, and to build upon those to establish a fulfilling career direction. The process of career counselling includes personality, interest and values assessments, as well as coaching and discussion around career choices to ensure you find the right career direction for you. All career counsellors at Calgary Career Counselling are Master’s and Ph.D. level Psychologists with extensive experience helping people reach their full potential.

We are a private organization offering fee-based services, but many extended health plans cover Registered Psychologists. Further, we regularly donate our time to helping those in need with career planning presentations and individual career counselling. Our current relationships include The Calgary Women’s Immigrant Association and Discovery House.

CCC’s Mission and Values

Mission: Helping people and organizations achieve their best through comprehensive, collaborative and customized career development services based on a diverse portfolio of psychological expertise.

Values: Excellence ▪ Integrity ▪ Rigour ▪ Collaboration ▪ Fun